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DeliverIT Shipping Services BVI is your personal shipping & forwarding solutions in the British Virgin Islands.

We have the whole package. DeliverIT Shipping Services is a company dedicated to providing solutions for all types of logistics and transport of merchandise. Get a US address, get your goods, access, manage, consolidate, ship and track your packages.

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Consolidation of air and sea freight

You can get any number of packages delivered to our address and consolidate multiple packages into one shipment.

Brokerage service

No need to stress yourself. We can take care of headache and prepare all necessary paperwork for any item regardless if we are the shipper or agent.

Customs clearance

Whether its customs paperwork or declarations, DeliverIT offers one complete service.

Transport and distribution

We can transport and distribute your air or ocean ship from the port of entry to your location and save you time from coming to our location. Extra fees apply.

Logistics project

We can handle all of your logistics needs while you concentrate on the project.

Relocation from any country to the BVI

Whether you are moving for work or permanent residency. We can ship your personal belongings with ease.

Vehicle and heavy machinery

It does not matter which model, make, year or size DeliverIT can ship it.

Get It! Ship It! Don’t Think About It!

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