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Miami Freight Forwarders

1 JML DeliverIT Miami, a TSA licensed and certified company, where the magic happens.

Our warehouse is in charge of receiving, processing, dividing and distributing packages to all of our locations. 1 JML DeliverIT personnel are highly trained in all logistics functions to run our operations with efficiency and responsibility, always taking the best care of our customers’ belongings. Our team is dedicated to providing the best solutions to meet the needs of our customers in a reliable, consistent fashion. Our jobs is to receive and ship your freight in perfect condition so that you will get exactly what you ordered. We take pride in offering our clientele the best possible service we can in every transaction.

We offer several services to make shipping more convenient for our customers. We can secure your belongings in our warehouse for as long as you need according to your instructions. Your goods will be held in the best of hands until you are completely ready to ship it to your destination. To get the full details on how to take advantage of any of our services, contact us. We will gladly discuss your logistics needs with you.


Storage by contract

We will store your merchandise for several months for a minimal fee in our warehouse until you are ready to ship it to your location.

Pickup of goods

If you are unavailable to pick up or receive items from a vendor, or are in Miami shopping but need transportation back to our warehouse with your purchases that will be shipped, we will pick it up for you. Extra fees apply.

Container storage

We will store your empty or partially-filled container at our warehouse until it is filled and ready to be dispatched for shipping. Extra fees apply.


We will repack your items and consolidate all of your packages together per your instructions for a small fee.

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