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Forbidden Products

List of forbidden products by State.

This list is periodically updated based on governmental regulations.

British Virgin Islands


  • Counterfeit Coins
  • Controlled drugs schedule in the Drugs (Prevention of Misuse) Act (cap 178)
  • Goods of which the import or export is prohibited or made an offense by any other law
  • Plants whose importation of its prohibited under the Plant Protection Act, and any subsidiary legislation made under that Act. (cap 93)


  • Firearms or ammunition unless accompanied by a permit issued by the Commissioner of Police
  • Explosives, other than gun power or blasting power
  • Caravans and houseboats not including house cruisers
  • Jet Ski
  • Motorcycle exceeding 150cc and their parts
  • All plants the importation of which is restricted under the Plant Protection (cap 93) Act. And any subsidiary legislation made under that act
  • Spear Gun


Awaiting list from Customs Department…

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