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What is door-to-door shipping and how does it work?

Door-to-door shipping is a type of shipping solution for both inbound and outbound deliveries. It offers direct and efficient transportation from origin to destination. This method, also known as point-to-point shipping, minimizes transit time and handling, ensuring fast and reliable…

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What Should You Know About Freight Forwarding via Air?

When time-sensitive shipments demand the fastest transit, air freight keeps your supply chain flowing. Understanding key considerations around airport shipping optimizes the process whether you're importing or exporting goods. Aligning with an experienced Dominican freight forwarder also assures seamless air…

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Why Ocean Freight Still Has a Place in 2024

Even in our modern world of air freight and technology, ocean freight shipping still occupies an important place in global trade and transportation. According to Statista, ships transport 80% of goods. As we move towards 2024, international freight forwarding by…

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