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JML DeliverIT Dominican Republic is a company dedicated to providing solutions for all types of logistics and transport of merchandise.

JML has been an established company for more than eight years that began operations in the British Virgin Islands and today is a market leader.

JML has recently expanded its reach to provide its range of services in the Dominican Republic where we already have a head operations office. We hope very soon to become one of the main options of the Dominican public.


Air Mail Service (Courier)

We have door to door delivery and the most affordable market rate.

Container rental for ocean shipping

Our range of containers includes 20, 40 and 45 feet and more upon request.

Customs brokerage services

We have highly trained personnel to handle all customs procedures, payment of taxes, among others. Both for our and particular containers.

Purchasing Agents

Our team offers assistance when buying online, you can approach our office and we make the purchase for you.

Personal Moving service from United States to Santo Domingo

We offer special prices for Dominican residents living in the US who want to move to the Dominican Republic. Our service includes the handling of all documentation required for the process. We also handle non US overseas countries moving or transporting to Dominican Republic.

Delivery anywhere in the country

We have the best options for delivery anywhere in the country.

Shipping of frozen and/or perishable items

We have an exclusive shipping service for frozen and/or perishable cargo, which provides a fast solution for your business needs.

Create your account with us, request your address in the USA and bring your merchandise.

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