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3 Ways You Could Botch Your Attempt At Tropical Shipping

international shipping

The world is wide, and living in one part of it doesn’t mean that you should be restricted from obtaining goods from all of the other parts. However, when you attempt to import goods from another part of the world you run the risk of making many mistakes. This is why freight forwarding companies exist. They take care of all of the details of international and tropical shipping. If you don’t take advantage of these professional services, you may make these common shipping mistakes.

  1. Mistiming A ShipmentExecuting the proper timing for a shipment is a tricky business. When you’re attempting to get a shipment imported or exported as quickly as possible, you need the shipping process to be handled with expert care. As international shipping needs to traverse a much greater distance than shipping within the same country, you would need to be especially careful with timing. Generally, air cargo shipping is the fastest form. This industry represents about 30% of the total worldwide shipment value, meaning that it is a reliable choice. By working with an experienced freight forwarder, they will be able to choose the right carrier for you to fit your time frame and transport your goods with the most efficiency.
  2. Not Securing Proper Insurance For GoodsWhile piracy may seem a long-forgotten problem of the 19th century, there are plenty of modern pirates who steal goods while they are in transit. Ships and planes have to traverse long distances, leaving many opportunities for your goods to be damaged. As the possibility of your goods being stolen or damaged during tropical shipping is a very real one, you’ll want to have cargo insurance. There are different forms of insurance depending on the goods you are shipping and different regulations regarding how they must be packaged to qualify for the insurance. When you work with a professional company, they can handle all of these details to ensure that your shipment has the insurance it needs.
  3. Using Just One Shipping CarrierWhen you order something or send something over mail, you may assume that it only goes through one carrier. In reality, it could go through multiple services in order to reach its destination. While not knowing the details of who is carrying your goods may not matter in national shipments, not guaranteeing each step of international shipments could mean that they get left behind in one country or another. The purpose of a freight forwarder is to coordinate each step of the shipping process and guarantee that your goods make it to you with no unexpected issues.

Shipping goods may seem like a service that is second-nature to us by this point, but tropical shipping can bring a whole range of problems for which you don’t account. Let the professionals handle the process, and you won’t have to worry about your shipment getting lost in the mix.

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