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What to Know About International Shipping via Sea Cargo

international shipping dominican republic

Shipping products is a big and necessary business. Do you need to move merchandise by way of international shipping Dominican Republic to Miami? Here are things you should know about international shipping via sea cargo.

Your Cargo

Where you plan to ship can make a difference in how long it will take and how much it will cost. Does your cargo require refrigeration? Do you have anything that could be potentially dangerous, such as chemicals? You need to disclose everything you plan to ship to your potential carrier to avoid any compliance issues and ensure that it reaches where it needs to go. According to Statista, there are 5,600 cargo ships in the world hauling containers and freight.


When you ship internationally via the sea, insurance is important. Insurance costs will depend on what you’re shipping and how far it will go. For example, if you’re using international shipping Dominican Republic to Miami, it won’t be as expensive as if you were shipping it overseas.


When you ship something, tracking is important so you know that it’s getting where it’s supposed to be on time. However, shipping via sea cargo may have a different type of tracking process versus shipping by ground. For one thing, shipping by sea takes different routes, so timing may vary depending on the amount of travel. The type of tracking services available would depend on the carrier you use.


You want reliable customer support when relying on sea cargo to transport your items. After all, problems can arise during shipment. Items can become damaged, take a longer time to reach your destination, or cause customs problems. If any of these issues arise, you want professional customer support. They can let you know whatever information you need ASAP.


Returns may be quite different when you’re dealing with sea cargo. Therefore, you should understand the process beforehand. When you have to process such returns, you want to ensure operations run as smoothly as possible. A clear return policy should be spelled out for customers before each trip. A sea cargo return may take up to the same amount of time it took to reach the destination.

You can’t transport all cargo over the ground or by air. Luckily, sea cargo transport is available. Do you need to use international shipping Dominican Republic to Florida? Contact 1 JML Corporation to plan your freight through our Miami address.

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