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4 Ways a Freight Forwarder Will Improve Your Shipping Operations

If your company exports or imports goods to and from various destinations in the world, then you have to be on top of your shipping operations. You don’t want to have delayed shipments, as that would give you an unwarranted inventory crisis. However, keeping abreast of all your shipping operations requires time and personnel that you may not be able to afford. How, then, do you keep your shipping operations running efficiently all year round? Hiring a freight forwarder is your most ideal solution.

Here are the advantages of a freight forwarder and why you should trust them to manage your company’s shipping operations.

1. Freight Forwarders Have Access to A Variety of Shipping Methods

Whether you need air and ocean cargo, or door to door shipping, freight forwarders in Miami will fit the bill. Imagine how much of a hassle you would be subjected to if you had to deal with more than three companies to export or import your goods. Your cargo may arrive via the ocean, then you may need to transport it via air to the closest airport, and finally by road to your destination. One freight shipping company can handle all that through point-to-point transportation. This reduces the connection and waiting time while also reducing instances of goods being damaged. Freight forwarding companies have well-established logistics networks – ocean, air, and road transport. Therefore, your company will benefit from expedited delivery when you trust a freight forwarding company to run your shipping operations.

2. Freight Forwarders are Flexible and Versatile

One of the advantages of a freight forwarder is the fact that they give your business more flexibility by allowing you to experiment with different shipping methods. When you are dealing with a new product line, it is crucial that you have a low-risk way as you figure out your ideal shipping method. Since freight forwarding companies have access to all shipping modes, you can easily switch from one method to another until you pinpoint one that is most suitable for your business. International freight forwarders will also leverage their connections to solve shipping challenges such as delayed or rerouted air and sea freight shipments. In such scenarios, you would be helpless on your own, but with a freight forwarder in your corner, you will enjoy fast solutions.

3. Forget the Arduous Task of Dealing with Customs

Being a large industry, international shipping rules and regulations are often updated from time to time. If you aren’t aware of these changes and regulations, you’ll have serious issues with customs. The implications may vary from hefty fines to shipping delays — exactly the opposite of what you want. Additionally, if you source or sell your merchandise in different countries, you must be constantly updated with any new custom changes in all of the countries you conduct business. Language barriers and different time zones add to the stress of dealing with customs authorities in different countries. Freight forwarders take these exhausting tasks off your plate so that you can focus on the other aspects of your business.

4. Freight Forwarders Can Handle Fragile and Hazardous Cargo

If you deal with fragile, perishable, or hazardous goods that need special handling and transportation, freight forwarders will have your back. Freight shipping companies have the capacity, facilities, and knowledge to handle all types of goods. They may utilize reefer containers, hazardous containers, and other specialty equipment needed to deliver your goods safely. Therefore, freight forwarder companies will handle all your special and dangerous goods without damages. Freight forwarders will also follow the regulations that govern the handling of special goods, keeping you in good books with the authorities.

These are some of the many advantages of a freight forwarder. For your shipping operations to run efficiently, you should utilize international freight forwarding services. Not only will you streamline your shipping operations, but you will also save time and money. A good freight forwarder in Miami will ship your products to and from the Caribbean, the British Virgin Islands, and other top international destinations without delays, which adds to the advantages of hiring a freight forwarder.

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