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5 Ways To Make Your Shipping More Eco-Friendly


The shipping industry has many hidden environmental costs, most of which start with the party shipping the goods. By refining your shipping practices to cut down on waste and transportation, you can lower your carbon footprint while still providing your goods and services. When shipping with ground, air and ocean cargo, follow these simple tips for lowering your environmental impact.

  1. Choose Recycled Packaging: Shipping your goods using recycled boxes,
    bags, and internal packaging materials is a great place to start when cutting down your environmental impact. This may require you to choose a new packaging supplier company.
  2. Use As Little As Possible: Another great way to make less of an impact with your shipping practices is to simply use fewer materials. Select the smallest box or container possible and use the lowest quantity of packing materials. This will keep your packaging highly efficient and cut down on wasted space.
  3. Send Bulk Items: When possible, package as many items together as you can.
    The next time you are sending air and ocean cargo to the same location, send just a few large containers rather than many small ones. This method also cuts down on packaging cost and use.
  4. Ship Direct: Door to door services for cargo shipping are much more environmentally friendly because it cuts out stops and lowers shipping time. This cuts down on fuel use significantly. Purchasing agents in the USA can assist in planning the best route for your goods.
  5. Invest In Protection: Packaging your shipping items well will ensure that the materials arrive at their destination safely. This means that you won’t have to ship it back and then send a replacement. Intact items make the entire process easier on both your business and the cargo companies.

The best way to ensure that your goods arrive as safely and efficiently as possible is to work with the best international and American cargo shipping companies. These experts will assist your business in all of your shipping needs and point to areas where you could improve. Finding the perfect balance of efficiency and environmental conscious may take some trial and error, but it will be worth it for your business and for the planet.

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