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How To Become A Purchasing Agent

purchasing agent

If you have been interested in entering the air cargo industry for your professional career, you are making a wise choice. The industry makes up 30% of the world’s shipping value, making it a viable option for young professionals or those wishing to change careers. Becoming a purchasing agent is a great way to break into this economic sector and learn the intricacies of shipping. What is a purchasing agent and how can you become one? Use this guide to inform your decision.

What Is A Purchasing Agent?

Purchasing agents work to buy products, supplies, and materials for a specific company. They work with air and ocean cargo companies to ensure that these goods arrive safely where they need to. Purchasing agents are experts on pricing and quality, ensuring that their company ultimately releases quality products.

How Do I Become A Purchasing Agent?

  1. Receive the right degree. Earning a bachelor’s degree will increase your chances of landing a job as a purchasing agent. Consider a business, marketing, or a more specific purchasing major if you are able to. Once you have a job as an agent, you will go through purchasing agent training.
  2. Possess the right qualities.Purchasing agents need to be self-motivated and detail oriented in order to succeed in this career. Exercise these attributes whenever possible to make your future job interviews stand out.
  3. Research your career options. Decide where you want to be based and look into job options in that area. You also may be able to find careers for specific companies that you are interested in following.
  4. Gain real life experience. Even if you do not land a job as a purchasing agent right away, try to earn experience in the industry. Door to door selling can be a great place to start. Your college or vocational school may have opportunities for internships or assistant positions.
  5. Set career goals. When working to become a purchasing agent, have an ultimate career goal in mind. Do you want to move to a management position at a cargo company? Shadow someone in this position to learn about the career path.

Just like other careers, becoming a purchasing agent requires the right set of training and experience. By focusing on this career aspiration, you will be able to achieve your goal and move forward professionally.

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