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How to Determine if Freight Should be Palletized

There are many ways to package and organize products for shipping. One of the most effective and commonly used is the pallet. However, it is not always effective for every shipment. In some cases, a pallet is simply too big or too small for the order. Keep in mind these tips for how to determine if using a pallet is the right solution for your shipping situation.




  • The purpose of using a pallet in the first place is to make maneuvering it easier. Only choose items for pallet shipping if they will be able to be maneuvered by forklift.
  • Items stacked on a pallet must be secured and not have loose items that can fall and cause problems in the shipping process. Some companies prefer to use shrink wrap to keep loose items together.
  • There are certain standard pallet sizes. Make sure your shipments will be able to comply with one of the standard sizes before considering this form of freight.
  • If you have a smaller load, taking advantage of a freight forwarding service may be better than sending along a half-full pallet. In these cases you may be able to share some of the costs of shipment than would otherwise be paid by you.

Shipping your freight by pallet is a great solution for many organizations. Once you’ve got the basics down and you know how to decide if your shipments will be a good choice for palletized shipping, you can get started utilizing this method for getting your shipments where they need to be in a quick an cost-effective manner.

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