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How Much Shipping Time Do You Need to Add To Ensure Holiday Delivery?


The holidays are just around the corner and you need to take into account extra travel time if you are shipping products to global markets. During the holidays, the number of packages and items being shipped increases exponentially making it more difficult to determine estimated arrival times. When you are up against strict shipping deadlines, you don’t want to miss them due to crowded shipping lines.

Extra Time

When you take an order that needs to be delivered prior to the holidays, give yourself a few extra days by filling those orders first. Don’t let them wait. It’s easier to pack and ship them a few days early than to explain to the customer why their shipment wasn’t delivered as promised. Shipping early also eliminates the need for the additional fees associated with expedited shipping.

Expedited Shipping

Expedited shipping is an option that many customers are willing to pay extra for if they order too late for normal delivery times. If you need to guarantee early delivery, expediting your package is the best way to go. Most carriers will provide a money back guarantee if they miss your deadline.

During the holidays, it’s important to pay close attention to your deadlines and remember to ship as early as possible. Your carrier will be able to help you figure out the shipping rates and if expedited shipping may be needed. Don’t risk your relationship with your customers by waiting until the last minute. Ship early and make sure your packages have enough time to get their safe and sound.

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