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Why is Palletizing a Shipment Important?


Companies that ship numerous packages at one time can save both time and money by making the decision to palletize each shipment. Shipping and receiving make up a large percentage of the overall cost of a product. Reducing the shipping cost will not only lower the price but also raise the company’s profit margin. Palletizing each shipment has many benefits over and above saving the company money.

Reduced Shipping Costs

It costs much less to ship a large, well-balanced pallet than it does to ship several small packages. The amount of insurance needed will also be calculated differently when considering the package as a whole instead of figuring a specific dollar amount for each and every package that is being shipped.

Minimizes Damage to Your Product

One of the biggest advantages of palletizing your shipments has to do with protecting the product. When boxes are shipped separately, they are often tossed without much consideration for their contents. It is also much easier to lose one or more packages when they are floating around in different areas of the cargo hold. A palletized shipment keeps all packages in one convenient location. They are securely fastened together as a large bundle, so none of them are roughly handled or allowed to fall from an improperly stacked pile.

Makes Loading and Unloading Much Simpler

When it comes to loading, unloading and retrieving the shipment, all of the packages are in one convenient location and are easily loaded and unloaded from the ship or plane. There is no hunting or trying to track down a missing package.

Palletizing a shipment offers savings when it comes to the financial aspect of shipping your product and also saves time and man-hours when loading and unloading. It is truly a win/win situation!

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