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Should You Choose Air or Sea Shipping for Your Business?

Shipping is a critical aspect of business, and how you choose to take care of it can be tricky. One important question to consider is whether to use air or sea shipping. Which will give you a competitive edge, and what are the impacts of both? This article will help answer those questions by looking at various aspects of shipping.

Speed and Time Sensitivity

How fast do you need to send or receive goods? When time is of the essence, air shipping is the way to go. It’s much faster than sea shipping, and the further the items need to travel, the bigger the difference in arrival time. When something urgently needs to get from one point to another, shipment by plane may be the way to go, but asking a professional in the industry is in your best interest, too.


Due to its convenience, air shipping rates are typically higher than those of sea shipping. This is compounded by the fact that large sea vessels can carry much more than cargo planes. Keep in mind that cargo airlines are typically dedicated to transporting cargo both nationally and internationally, according to the International Air Transport Association. However, sea shipping is often a good option when you can plan things well in advance.

Reliability and Flexibility

Which of the two shipping methods is more reliable? On average, there are fewer delays and unexpected occurrences with sea shipping. A couple of reasons for this include the susceptibility of air travel to unfavorable weather conditions and delayed flights due to issues with airport capacity or required aircraft maintenance. For routine shipments, sea shipping may be the smoother option.

Environmental Impact

Companies are becoming increasingly conscious of their environmental impact. Both air shipping and sea shipping leave a carbon footprint, but which is less harmful to the environment? Here again, sea shipping has the edge. Per volume, air shipping has a higher rate of emissions than sea shipping.

Timing may be the most important factor in shipping, and it’s hard to argue with the speed of air shipping. However, air shipping rates can be higher than sea shipping rates depending on the goods you need to ship or receive. As a business owner, it’s important to be aware of the benefits of both options. Therefore, consider these ideas and speak to a professional at JML Corporation to learn more about what is best for your company. Contact us today!

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