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3 FAQs About Freight Forwarding And Their Answers

Freight Forwarding

Freight shipping companies exist around the world to help people and businesses get their goods. From freight forwarders in Miami to Dominican freight forwarders, these companies provide door-to-door service that help clients get everything they need on time. The industry logistics can be confusing and jumping right into them is certainly intimidating. Find the answers to three common questions regarding the freight forwarding process.

  1. What Is Freight Forwarding? Freight forwarding is when a professional company undertakes the responsibility of a client’s shipping. When a business decides to export or import their products, they are quickly faced with a wide variety of barriers and regulations that they have to overcome. By turning to a specialist in international shipping to manage those obstacles, they are turning their shipping into freight forwarding.
  2. What Is The Role Of Freight Forwarders? The role of freight forwarders varies depending on the exact services they offer, but they essentially act as an intermediary between a client and the many transportation services involved in getting the product to the customer. These transportation services could include customs, carriers, and handlers. Freight forwarders will have established relationships with these services, especially air freighters, trucking companies, ocean liners, and rail freighters. This allows them to negotiate the prices to the client’s advantage and use the most economical route. The role of freight forwarders is also to know the various documentation requirements, regulations, and transportation costs so that the client does not have to sort through them.
  3. What Should I Use A Freight Forwarder? Most significantly, a freight forwarding service saves you time and headaches while providing reliable transportation. When requested, freight forwarders provide point-to-point services, taking all of the responsibility of transportation out of your hands. While this efficient point-to-point transportation reduces the need for connection time, it also decreases the chance of damaged goods. As there is a decrease in the amount of time it takes and in the number of stops required, this service is more environmentally friendly. Many services are offering eco-friendly packaging as well, making the process even better for our planet.

Shipping a package through UPS domestically in the United States can be complicated enough. International shipping is an entirely different challenge. That is what makes professional freight forwarding services so useful and so important to any business that needs to ship goods.

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