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4 Qualities of a Top Freight Shipping Company

Thanks to freight shipping, you can ship some of the largest items worldwide. Freight can carry items like cars that may be too heavy to be flown on a plane. When you’re an e-commerce business, you want the right shippers to handle your items. Here are the qualities of top freight shipping companies.

1. Quality Containers

Freight shipping companies should use the best containers available. After all, ships are on the water, and products can suffer from saltwater corrosion or water damage without proper protection. Ask about the type of containers used and what material they consist of. Some shipping companies may use stainless steel or roll-off containers sealed airtight.

2. Timely Deliveries

When you’re an e-commerce company, you have tight deliverables. Industrial companies may be shipping parts assembled on-site for larger machines. Auto franchises may have to deliver cars from Japan or Germany to the United States. According to IBISWorld, as many as 82,188 freight forwarding brokerages & agencies were operating in the United States as of 2023. The best ones of this large number are known for making their scheduled deliveries, so stakeholders don’t have a lag in the production delivery. Otherwise, it can result in disgruntled customers who may not use an e-commerce site again.

3. Security

You want to rest assured that any freight business you use keeps your products as secure as possible from beginning to end. They shouldn’t have employees putting products at risk by damaging them or stealing them. The containers should be able to hold items securely and airtight throughout the transit. Otherwise, poor security at any point in the shipping process could result in a loss of inventory and revenue.

4. Transparency

Stakeholders should want a company to be transparent about every point in the process. You should be clear about pricing and understand they’re not trying to cheat you with hidden fees. If there’s a delay, they should communicate with you and let you know exactly where the shipment is. Companies that operate transparently can make businesses feel comfortable, even during a mistake, as long as they rectify the situation quickly.

Don’t settle for less when looking for quality freight shipping companies. Only use shipping contractors who are transparent in their communication, protect your items, and only use the best shipping materials. Look no further than our team, as we fit these qualifications. Contact JML Corporation today to learn more.

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