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What Types of Freight Are Sent via Air and Sea?

types of freight

Have you ever wondered exactly what kinds of goods get shipped around the world via planes and massive container ships? There are actually many different types of freight that travel by air and sea. Here is more information about the types of freight sent by these two major transportation methods.

Perishable and Time-Sensitive Goods Go By Air

Air travel allows goods to get from point A to point B much faster than ocean freight. So what are some examples of the types of freight best suited for flying? Perishable and time-critical items are very common. These include fresh flowers, fruits, and vegetables that can spoil quickly – air delivery ensures freshness. Fashion goods, like new apparel, need to get to store shelves rapidly while still trendy. Electronics, such as new product releases and devices in high demand, often go by air to meet consumer demand quickly. Other examples are medical shipments like medicines and equipment that are urgently needed, as well as mail and packages that rely on fast air transportation for overnight and express delivery. According to the International Air Transport Association, $6 billion worth of goods is transported via air cargo.

Heavier Items and Non-Perishables Go By Sea

When it comes to ocean freight, size and weight are less important factors. Container ships can handle much heavier and larger types of freight than air freight. Additionally, speed is less critical for these goods. Some common examples of freight sent by sea are vehicles like cars, trucks, and heavy equipment that are often transported in Roll On/Roll Off ships. Oversized equipment, such as large construction machinery, turbines, and other big cargo, goes by sea since air isn’t an option. Refrigerated goods like frozen meats, dairy products, and other perishables can also be shipped slowly by container ships. Other examples are dry goods like grains, textiles, and raw materials that are easily transported by sea. Household items such as furniture, personal belongings, and other household goods get packed in containers for ocean shipping. Commodities including oil, gas, chemicals, and more are transported in huge quantities by tankers and cargo ships.

The Right Mode for Each Type of Freight

Air and ocean freight each have their strengths in transporting different types of cargo. Air freight provides fast, reliable delivery for smaller, high-value, or perishable goods where timing is critical. Ocean shipping allows heavy, oversized, refrigerated, and non-urgent items to be transported in huge quantities at lower costs. When the time comes for you to transport your freight, let us help with the logistics. Reach out to JML Corporation to ask about our shipping options.

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