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3 Reasons why Miami is an Important City for Shipping

shipping to the british virgin islands

The year 2012 saw around $6.4 trillion of cargo shipped through the aviation industry alone. That isn’t including anything shipped over the ocean or overland. However, all three ways to ship goods are vital. The city of Miami has become a vital city in this shipping industry for several key reasons. Freight shipping, international shipping, including shipping to the British Virgin Islands, and air shipping are all important to the city of Miami. Why is it that this city has become so important to American shipping and cargo shipping?

Miami Offers Great Access to the Caribbean

One of the most important things about Miami is its geographic location. It is on the southeastern edge of Florida, and therefore the entire United States. This gives it direct contact access to the ocean, importantly it gives access to the Caribbean. Shipping to the British Virgin Islands, shipping to the Dominican Republic, and the rest of the Caribbean is vital to trade between the United States and the region. Even going from the Caribbean as a launching point to South America and across the Atlantic Ocean is incredibly important to shipping, both through the sea and the air. That means that shipping to the British Virgin Islands is important, not just for trade between the United States and the Virgin Islands, but locations beyond them.

Miami Is Effective for Multiple Types of Shipping

Because of Miami’s natural location on the ocean, it works well as a port city for oceanic shipping. It is also a key city for air travel onto the continental United States. Again, this is due to its location near the Caribbean on the Southeastern tip of Florida. It’s the first major city that anyone approaching the United States from the Southeast will reach, which inherently makes it easier to bring air cargo into Miami and be distributed from there.

Miami Offers East Access to American Cargo Trailers

Several major highways meet at Miami. This means that there are several directions that ground shipments can then travel, to be distributed to the rest of the United States as quickly as possible. They can hug the Atlantic coast and very easily ship to the Eastern United States, or they can quickly go up the Gulf Coast side of Florida’s coast, making shipments west relatively quick. There’s less of a need to jump from highway route to highway route, instead of being able to drive straight through for extended distances.

Whether you are looking to ship out from Miami, shipping to the British Virgin Islands or anywhere else in the Caribbean, or if you are receiving imports, Miami is a key city for shipping. A Major trade route into and out of the United States, Miami is a massive cog in the shipping industry and due to the city’s longstanding reputation as a vacation city, this has become an overlooked reality of the city, which helps boost both the local and national economies.

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