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3 Simple Steps To Make Your Shipping Materials Eco-Friendly

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When you’re looking for the best freight forwarder Miami to Caribbean service, you also need to make sure that the shipping is eco-friendly. Freight forwarders are already better for the environment, as their fast, point-to-point transportation reduces the amount of traveling time needed, thereby reducing the amount of energy used during the trip. Expand on that sustainability by ensuring that all materials involved in the packaging and shipping are good for the environment.

Use recyclable and biodegradable materials

While some materials made of plastic are recyclable in certain circumstances, they are certainly not the most eco-friendly. Opt for the following materials to package your shipping items and you’ll be on your way to eco-warrior status.

  • Corn starch: Any items made of corn starch are biodegradable, as it is a natural material. Packaging made of corn starch is especially suited for food items.
  • Bubble wrap: When bubble wrap is made out of recycled polyethylene, it is completely biodegradable. Just be sure that the bubble wrap is not made of run-of-the-mill plastic, and it will be eco-friendly while keep your products safe.
  • Biodegradable plastic: As a viable and practical alternative to traditional plastics, biodegradable plastic decomposes when it is exposed to sunlight. It is already used to make envelopes in bulk mailings, so why not use it for your sustainable packaging?

Go Minimalist

Even when you’re looking for the largest freight forwarder Miami to Caribbean service, you should consider how much of the materials you’re using that your products actually need. Too often, small items are shipped out in large boxes, wasting the material and energy used to make the box. Instead, create custom packaging boxes that perfectly fit your products. With this trick, you’ll save money on production materials and reduce the overall amount of waste that occurs in this way every day.

Make Anything Printed Sustainable

Although you’ve made your packaging out of eco-friendly materials and you’ve reduced the size of the packaging, any labels that go on the packages will make them unable to be recycled. Choose inks made from mil proteins or food instead of chemicals that cause harm to the environment. Typical ink is made of petroleum-based inks. Instead, turn to soy inks, which are made from a renewable source and release no VOCs.

Freight forwarding companies are finding ways to make the journey of a freight forwarder Miami to Caribbean as eco-friendly as possible, but that can only be realized when the shipping materials are sustainable. Make small changes to your shipping materials, and see a positive impact on the environment.

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