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3 Things to Consider When Shipping Products Overseas

international shipping

Buying and selling items from overseas can be a risky business, especially since it’s out of your hands once it leaves the states. The good news is that there are many freight forwarders you can rely on to get your packages to and from your destination safely.

Even with a reputable company, there are still somethings you should know when it comes to international shipping.

If you’re exporting product(s) overseas, then you’re going to want to be familiar with the designated country’s import regulations. You might try to ship something only to find out that the region you’re trying to send it to doesn’t allow it, or prohibits it from being shipped at all. Countries such as Brazil and Singapore, for example, ban the sale of e-cigarettes, so you wouldn’t be able to ship any into the country. Generally, whoever you choose to be your carrier can give you better insights as to various country’s regulations, yet you should still do some research yourself.

With a trustworthy international shipping carrier, you won’t have to worry too much about the safety of your shipments, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to worry at all. Inter-modal transportation always comes with certain risks. That’s why you should always opt for insurance on any of your shipments to guarantee you’re not losing a lot of money should things go wrong. Typically, many carriers will offer insurance of up to $100 per shipment unless you request a higher amount.

When your customer ordered your product, you gave them a timeframe in which they could expect to receive their purchase. If you don’t make that timeline, then you’re jeopardizing the relationship you’ve built with that customer, which can affect your relationship with all of your customers (power of the Internet). If they opt for overnight or 2-day delivery, it could cost them 50% or more than the standard delivery fee, but you’ll have to make sure it gets there in that time frame. To ensure that you give someone a delivery time that you can meet, make sure you double check that the scheduled transit time doesn’t conflict with any local holidays in the destination country. You should also complete any customs documentation so your shipment isn’t delayed.

There are reputable freight forwarding companies available to help you meet your delivery goals, although you’ll need to find one that transports from your area. Make sure that both you, and they, have the tools and resources necessary for successful international shipping.

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