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3 Tips for Shipping Perishable Food Items with Ease

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Unlike the days of our past, we have access to people and products all over the world today. In the days of old, a consumer was limited to what was geographically close to them. They could only form relationships with those in their own or neighboring towns. Clothes and food were only obtained at local markets.

Thanks to the internet, that is no longer the case. We have access to the world at our fingertips. You can make friends with someone across the world thanks to things like social media. We also can purchase products from anywhere on the globe. This is also the case for sending products.

Shipping can be relatively straightforward, depending on the products you are sending and their intended destination. International shipping can get a little tricky because you are sending your items to a different country that has different rules and regulations. Cargo companies have policies that make it as easy as possible to ship your goods internationally. But what if you want to ship perishable goods? Here are some great tips on how to do just that, whether you are using Latin American shipping or shipping out of Tokyo.

Speedy Delivery
This may go without saying, but perishable foods have a shelf life. The faster you can get your goods to your destination, the better. Air shipping rates may vary for overnight or other short shipping ranges, but utilizing those services could make or break the quality of your goods when they arrive.

Packaging is super important for maintaining the shelf life of your perishable goods. USA Today suggests using airtight containers to avoid spillage. Insulated containers are also a good idea when shipping perishable goods. Using insulated packaging and dry ice can preserve perishable food items for 24 to 48 hours.

Whether you are using Latin American cargo shipping or air transportation, it is important to let your carrier know that you have perishable items in your package. That way they can make sure that your goods are properly taken care of on the journey.

Latin American shipping and air transportation alike have many viable options for shipping perishable goods. Remember these tips the next time you want to send products with a self-life across the globe.

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