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3 trends in logistics for 2022

Freight forwarders must be aware of new trends to add more value to their efforts. The trends in logistics for this next year can be a great opportunity for forwarders to be one step ahead of their competition. Let’s look at the trends in logistics expected for 2022.

1. Need for a specialized staff

Digitalization and technological advances have changed the way in the logistics sector, where globalization has a strong impact. For this reason, the set of skills and profiles required for people to work in this sector will focus on the latest technologies and areas such as process automation, Big Data, and AI. The most fancied profiles will be those that can provide a differential value to the organization, such as to help develop smart environments using IoT. This demand for qualified talent will drive lots of competition, so logistics managers must do everything to motivate their people and keep them trained. It will be important to consider opportunities that save time, maximize resources, and use technology that allows supply chain professionals to focus on more strategic tasks.

2. Growing demand for 3PL and 4PL services

Experts predict that the global logistics providers market will reach $1.1 trillion in the next six years. Therefore, 3PL (Third Party Logistics) companies that provide warehouses in multiple locations will experience more demand as this means more efficient last-mile logistics with faster services. This is closely related to the consolidation of large enterprises and logistics operators. This means they will find themselves demanding increasingly stringent service levels in the supply chain, such as the design of logistic chains, market forecasts – where Big Data plays a crucial role -, product adaptation to destination markets, etc.

3. The capacity crisis will still go on

Right now, there’s too much demand and not enough capacity for container shipping. This is a crisis that has been going on for years and has worsened by the growth in shipping volumes due to the global pandemic and the holidays. It will take some time for capacity to meet demand. Therefore, companies will need to make the most out of their capacity by prioritizing shipments and closely monitoring asset utilization. Goog management of shipments will determine the survival of freight forwarders.

These trends in logistics are just around the corner and taking them into account will be vital for your survival. Freight forwarders can position themselves competitively by taking the right steps and succeeding in the face of the challenges ahead.

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