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3 Types of Shipping: Knowing Your Options

shipping company in Miami

Your business is expanding, and you are receiving more online orders varying from local to international deliveries. Due to this growth, you now found yourself searching for shipping companies in Miami to assist your business in fulfilling these orders. The predicament in this case is not knowing what type of shipping method will work best for your business and customers. Whether you are shipping locally or internationally, knowing your options places you one step closer to sending out your next wave of deliveries. 

​1. Air 
Air transportation is one of the fastest methods for shipping to far off locations. Depending on the distance, the delivery will take several days instead of weeks. This is also to be expected when you need goods imported to your business in Miami from other countries. Another positive for air transportation is that it can be used for large and small shipments. Cargo planes are capable of transporting large freights to your desired location. If you worry about fragile items, there are planes designed to handle delicate shipments. 

​2. Ocean 
Oceanic shipping specializes in delivering larger scale cargo items. Such with air transportation, this method ships freights to further distances around the world. Sea transport possesses eco-friendly benefits because this type does not make as many stops as air shipping. The lack of stops proves to use less resources and packing materials. In some cases, this method also takes less time and money for international shipping than air transport. 

​3. Door to Door 
You use door to door shipping specifically for local deliveries. In contrast to air and oceanic shipping, door to door is the fastest in terms of shipment reaching its location. You can utilize this method to your advantage for deliveries sent to your business. If you are not ready to accept delivery yet, the shipping company you choose can store it until you are. Another advantage of this service is that it can combine with other international shipping types. The shipping company in Miami you hired to transport your items can take them right from the plane or ship to their location. 

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