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4 Situations When Air Freight Delivery Is Helpful

When specific circumstances call for expedited shipping, air freight can help. There can be numerous underlying causes for supply chain issues and product shortages. That is why many businesses are relying on alternative shipping methods such as air freight services to send and receive items. Airfreight can help you meet your needs in urgent situations, which we will explain below.

1. Holiday Season

The days where most shopping is done are in November and December. Other hectic shopping seasons include back-to-school months, mother’s day, and seasonal changes (with high demands on seasonal foods, home decor, and alcoholic beverages). During these times, air freight services are helpful to ship consumer goods to warehouses and wholesalers in a fast way.

2. Unexpected supply shortages

According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Commercial Construction Index, 93 percent of contractors face at least one supply shortage. In such cases, air freight shipping can help businesses get what they need faster than other expedited services.

3. Medical emergencies

At least 130 million cases are dealt with in the emergency room each year. Due to this number medical supplies must be available when incidents take place. Airfreight helps make sure hospitals have what they need in emergencies that require organ transplants or specific supplies.

4. Shipping perishable items

Since perishable items have short shelf lives they must get to their destination damage-free and on time. Businesses like floral suppliers, local farms, and food suppliers can benefit from air freight shipping services to ensure that items arrive at the destined location quickly.

A qualified freight company can give you the best options regarding the most economical and fastest shipping method for your need. Airfreight is a good option and also provides a single point of contact, so you know where your goods are at all times.

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