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5 Eco-Friendly International Shipping Practices

International shipping is a necessary part of international commerce, but it can be surprisingly damaging to the environment. Fortunately, there are many simple ways to make the process more eco-friendly. By taking some simple steps, international shippers can help reduce their carbon footprint and create more sustainable shipping practices.

1. Use Recycled Containers

For international shipping to be eco-friendly, it’s important to use recycled boxes and bags to ship goods. By reusing containers and packaging materials, international shippers can help reduce the amount of waste produced. Additionally, using recycled containers can help save money since shippers don’t have to purchase new packaging materials.

2. Choose Sustainable Shipping Providers

Many providers are now making an effort to reduce their carbon footprint and make shipping more sustainable. These providers often offer incentivized rewards and discounts for eco-friendly practices. Check for certifications and read reviews to make sure the provider is dedicated to sustainability.

3. Opt for Digital Shipping Documents

One of the most effective ways to reduce the environmental impact of international shipping is to opt for digital documents instead of printed ones. By using an electronic bill of lading, invoices, and other documents, shippers can help reduce the amount of paper used. Additionally, digital documents make shipping more efficient by reducing time spent on paperwork and eliminating the need for printing.

4. Choose Low-Emission Transportation

When selecting a mode of transport for shipping items overseas, choose one with low-emission vehicles. Standard emission involves burning fossil fuels, which contributes to global warming and air pollution. By selecting a shipping provider that uses low-emission vehicles, such as electric trucks or trains, international shippers can help reduce their carbon footprint.

5. Consider Sustainable Shipping Methods

The most sustainable international shipping method is seafaring. Ships are more efficient than air transportation, and they don’t require burning fossil fuels. Additionally, freight ships are equipped with advanced technology that helps reduce emissions and make shipping more efficient.

By following these steps, shippers can make their shipping operations more sustainable and reduce their carbon footprint. By using recycled containers, opting for digital documents, choosing low-emission transport, and selecting a sustainable shipping method, international shippers can help make the world a greener place. Contact JML Corporation about eco-friendly shipping today.

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