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5 Green Shipping Tendencies And Technologies That Are Helping The Environment

Green Shipping Tendencies

The shipping industry has been around for centuries and over time equipment and technologies have become faster, more sophisticated, and efficient. In addition to this, the awareness of the shipping industry’s role in global pollution and the world’s climate change has played a big part in adopting greener technologies that contribute to a better and healthier environment. Here are the top environmentally friendly technologies and trends taking over the shipping industry.

1. Utilizing Low Carbon Fuels
One effective way to cut carbon emissions is cutting fuel consumption. This promising new technology for developing low-carbon fuels should reduce the number of noxious gases and greenhouse emitted by large cargo ships, thus reducing impurities and toxicity to both the environment and human health.

2. Slow Steaming
This tendency became famous by 2010, as almost all global shipping companies made slow steaming a regular practice primarily to reduce costs. Today this simple, effective, and beneficial practice of running at a slower speed to cut fuel consumption on a voyage, is perhaps one of the most important trends for reducing carbon emissions.

3. More Efficient Port Management
Shipping companies have progressively shortened the amount of time ships wait in the dock, as well as improved turnaround time by optimizing port management. This reduces the time ships spend idling in harbors hence cutting out the emission of tons of carbon dioxide.

4. SkySails
This is a relatively new and ingenious invention that uses large kites to tow a cargo ship along during a voyage. Its implementation cost is minimal because it utilizes the energy of wind power, and once in place can take the significant strain off the engine. This lowers fuel expenditure, cuts emissions, and increases propulsion efficiency.

5. Voyage Optimization
With all the modern-day technologies available to us, we can even predict the weather and maritime conditions with impressive accuracy helping make voyages safer and less unpredictable. These tools allow shipping companies to make the most energy-efficient decisions on which routes to take and therefore reduce both their costs and their carbon footprint significantly.

These green trends are not only revolutionizing the shipping industry, but also helping the environment by cutting fuel consumption, carbon emissions, and costs.

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