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5 Sustainable Shipping Methods That Dominated 2017

shipping to latin america

As governments and organizations work to build a greener world, it’s important to recognize the role of cargo companies. Shipping requires a large quantity of fuel and produces higher levels of emissions than some other industries. And this means that shipping companies have a prime opportunity to make an impact. Whether shipping to Latin America or the next state over, your business can streamline their cargo transportation method into something more eco-friendly.

Methods For Sustainable Shipping
The following are some of the most prominent sustainable cargo trends that emerged in 2017, opening opportunities for growth in the year to come.

  1. Bulk Shipping: More than ever, companies are conscious of the number of deliveries that they send out. This means that many choose to ship items in bulk whenever possible.
  2. Efficient Packaging and Lightweighting: Much of the shipping industry’s waste comes from packaging. By minimizing packaging, using recycled materials, and choosing lightweight materials, businesses can lower their environmental impact.
  3. Green Technology: Companies like Maersk have worked to create shipping vessels with a lower CO2 output. And others, such as Tesla, have created trucks that run on electric power. Technology like this will move the transportation industry into the future.
  4. Responsible Choices: Air and ocean cargo are generally more sustainable options, since these methods produce less CO2. Consider how your business can take advantage of these intermodal shipping methods.
  5. Door To Door Delivery: Direct cargo transportation decreases time and stops, meaning that the entire process will be more environmentally friendly.

While these trends showed the industries commitment to sustainability in 2017, there is only room for growth in the coming year.

Sustainability Goals
The key to committing to a more sustainable future is to set clear sustainability goals for your organization. This may include lowering your CO2 output by a certain percent, sending out more orders in bulk, switching to more sustainable packaging, streamlining door to door selling, and any other goal you come up with. Be sure to present your goals both internally and externally to hold your company accountable.

Whether your company is shipping to Latin America or three towns over, this year is your time to reduce your carbon footprint. By doing so, you will set an example in your industry.

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