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5 Ways to Avoid Shipping Delays

Shipping Delays

If you are in charge of shipping or receiving packages and parcels, the last thing you want to have to worry about is a delay. The following tips can help keep your shipping and receiving department running smoothly with no delays or mix-ups.

Make Sure Your Paperwork Is Complete and Accurate

Always make sure your paperwork is complete and as accurate as possible. This includes having all of the right permits and shipping receipts that contain the addresses for both departure and arrival. It’s also important to ensure the Bill of Lading includes all of the necessary information.

Find the Best Route

Choosing the best route is also important. Look for possible construction areas and check for weather updates that could cause unnecessary delays.

Choose the Right Carrier

Choosing the right carrier is also important. If you know that a highway is under construction, it may be a better option to send your shipment by train or airplane.

Package Appropriately

Make sure your items are properly packaged. Pallets should be as full as possible and well-balanced to prevent them from leaning or breaking apart. Shrink-wrap your pallets so that everything remains in place during transport.

Be Aware of Changes in Fees or Regulations

Ports or receiving agencies may have a change in policy or their fees may have gone up. Always check to make sure you know and understand the shipping fees and regulations before you try and ship an item. Changes may be temporary, so it’s a good idea to call and confirm if you’re unsure.

If you want your shipments to arrive on time, you need to carefully manage your shipping processes. Avoid delays by going the extra mile and making sure your paperwork is accurate and your shipment is fully prepared before it leaves the dock.

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