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5 Ways Shipping Companies are Embracing Eco-Friendly Practices

ocean shipping companies

Most of the products that we use every day rely on ocean freight to get to our doorstep. From the fruits and vegetables that we consume to the electronics and other household equipment, we depend on ocean shipping companies to deliver these products to our doorstep.

Ocean Cargo Shipping

Ocean shipping companies play a big role in our economy by transporting cargo from everywhere around the globe. With the high volume of cargo that sea freight shipping handles daily, freight shipping companies must adapt to eco-friendly transportation. This involves using recycled boxes and bags for freight shipping.

Today, most consumers in Miami are conscious about the shipping companies they choose. These modern consumers prefer the Miami freight forwarders that utilize eco-friendly shipping practices in their operations. That is why Miami international forwarders are adopting more eco-friendly ways in their shipping operations.

Ocean shipping companies are utilizing the following ideas to make their shipping operations more eco-friendly.

1. Using Eco-Friendly Fitting Material During Packaging

Freight shipping companies must pack their products well and insulate the products from damage. Shipping a product from one country to the others takes a lot of time. The product is exposed to various temperature changes all through the shipping process. To protect their products from damage, ocean shipping companies have traditionally utilized Styrofoam. Although Styrofoam is effective in protecting the products from drops, bumps, and adverse temperature changes, it is not eco-friendly nor sustainable. This is because Styrofoam is made from petroleum-based material. Additionally, its manufacturing process generates much waste.

To replace Styrofoam as the primary fitting material when packaging the products for ocean transport, shipping companies are utilizing corrugated inserts and other fibrous material. Corrugated inserts protect the products effectively and are also biodegradable. Consequently, they are not a hazard to the environment.

2. Recycling Boxes

Once customers receive the products they ordered, they don’t have a use for the boxes that their items are packaged in. Usually, these boxes end up as waste as most customers dump them after retrieving their products. Having realized this, ocean shipping companies are now using recyclable boxes that they can use to deliver two or more orders. After delivering a customer’s products, shipping companies are now taking the delivery box back and use it for packaging another item.

3. Simplistic Packaging

The space that an item takes up in a shipping container is determined by its size and style of packaging. Shipping companies are now utilizing modern packaging methods that significantly reduce the volume of the packaging materials needed. As a result, they can fit more items in a shipping container. This means that they will need fewer ships to transport the cargo. Consequently, less carbon dioxide is emitted to the environment by the ships, and this serves to reduce the carbon footprint.

4. Streamlined Logistics

With shipping companies offering same-day delivery service, it’s vital to have a well-thought-out logistics plan. Miami shipping cargo companies are rethinking their logistics plans to cover a wider geographical area using fewer trucks. Ocean shipping companies in Miami are leveraging technology to make their delivery logistics more seamless and convenient. Resultantly, fewer trucks and delivery vans are used in the delivery process, and this translates to less pollution to the environment.

5. Shipping Items in Bulk

Instead of shipping single items, ocean shipping companies are organizing their operations so that they can ship their items in bulk. When your ship items in bulk, you will use less packaging materials and make less shipping trips. This will contribute to reducing your carbon footprint because your items will be shipped by fewer ocean vessels and fewer delivery trucks.

More ocean shipping companies are utilizing ingenious ways to make their shipping operations more eco-friendly. Given that shipping companies facilitate the transportation of most of the cargo in the United States, it makes sense to pursue more eco-friendly ways of packaging and delivering products to the consumers.

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