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A Short Guide to Purchasing And Forwarding Agents

purchasing and forwarding agent

When you’re looking for cargo companies, choosing the right purchasing and forwarding agent is critical for your business. Many freighting companies either offer only a purchasing agent or a forwarding agent. What is the difference between the two? Here’s everything you need to know.

What Is A Certified Purchasing Agent?

A purchasing agent acts as the middleman between domestic buyers and international sellers. A purchasing agent’s responsibilities include tracking shipments and ensuring buyers receive them without any damage. This helps sellers improve their customer service and satisfaction. A purchasing agent can also accept packages on the buyer’s behalf and make sure they are forwarded to the right end client safely and efficiently. These agents can use point-to-point transportation to reduce the amount of travel time so that packages are received as fast as possible.

A purchasing and forwarding agent can also help buyers save money. Living in certain countries can make online purchase deliveries difficult to navigate. Buyers who live in these countries can have their shipments sent to the purchasing agent first in order to make it easier to transport merchandise.

What Are Freight Forwarders?

A freight forwarder specializes in arranging the shipping and storage of merchandise. Freight shipping companies can also track inland transportation, prepare shipping and export documents, and warehousing. They can also negotiate freight charges, book cargo space, and file cargo insurance claims. These international forwards typically ship goods under their own bills of lading. Their own agents provide freight collection services, document delivery, and deconsolidation at the desired destination.

A freight shipping company forwarder uses their established relationships with various carriers to negotiate the best economical route. They can ensure that regulations varying from country to country are met for the transportation of goods by air, sea, and land. This can save both the buyers and sellers from potential unforeseen headaches.

Managing international freight shipping orders can be challenging. At JML Corporation, we are proud to serve as both a purchasing and forwarding agent for our customers. We work with buyers and sellers all over the globe. We cover the United States as well as over 120 destinations in the Caribbean and Latin America. Contact us today to find out more on how our international freight forwarding services can benefit you.

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