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Amazing Local Products to Get From the Dominican Republic: Continued

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The Dominican Republic is rich in culture. It can be found on an island that is split in two, with Haiti on the other end. The Dominican side of the island is also referred to as Hispaniola. According to History World, the Dominican Republic was the earliest of all the European colonies in the western hemisphere. The settlement of the island was established in 1496 by Diego Columbus, younger brother of the explorer Christopher Columbus.

According to DR Properties, the Dominican Republic is rich in natural resources, which makes it great for the production of many different goods. Fortunately, many of these products are available by Dominican shipping. The global aviation industry transported approximately $6.4 trillion worth of cargo in 2012. Any many of these products probably came from the Dominican! Here are three more products from the Dominican Republic that are simply to die for.


According to the DR Properties, Larimar is a rare blue variety of the silicate mineral pectolite. It is only found in the Dominican Republic. The stone comes in a very small color wheel, which includes white, light-blue, and green-blue to a beautiful deep blue. Lamirar hides out over 700 feet below the surface of the mountains, where miners have to work hard to harvest it. This stone is used to create gorgeous jewelry worn by many of the locals. International shipping Dominican Republic goods such as Larimar are certainly available online.


This material is actually fossilized tree resin, not to be confused with tree sap. Amber from the Dominican Republic differs from other amber found around the world because it is always transparent. Amber is considered a gem even though it is not a mineral. Amber is also used for jewelry. Cargo companies make it possible to get amazing products like amber through Dominican Republic shipping.

Mama Juana

What island is not known for having their own native alcoholic beverage? The Dominican is certainly not excluded. Mama Juana is brewed with twigs, bark, and herbs, and contains rum, red wine, and honey. This product can be shipped by land or by sea with air and ocean cargo options.

The Dominican Republic is rich with amazing products. Now, it is possible to experience the beautiful culture without having to travel there, and that’s all thanks to Dominican shipping!

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