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The Benefits of Using Electronic Logs


Electronic logs were created to accomplish several different things. First and foremost, it kept drivers from working so much overtime that they became a safety hazard to themselves and others. Secondly, it provided companies with a way to accurately measure both cost and time efficiency of their shipping processes. With the implementation of electronic logs, both the driver and the company can keep up to the minute accurate records of all the time they spend on the road.

Benefits for the Company

One of the biggest costs for any company has to do with shipping and transportation. Electronic logs can collect a variety of information including the number of hours spent driving, the route that was taken, and if any stops were made along the way. Companies must also be aware of how they schedule their drivers. An electronic log can indicate if one trucker is receiving more hours than necessary or if the routes are inefficient or not properly configured. Making the routes more efficient can save a company both time and money.

Benefits for the Driver

The benefits for the driver involve less worry about being fatigued while on the road as well as losing out on routes. Electronic logs force companies to divide routes up so that each driver runs no more than 14 hours per day. This makes it much fairer than in the past when a “first in, first out” system was used. Electronic logs also make it easier to track and manage hours on the road.

While electronic logs may take some time to get used to, they offer benefits for everyone involved. Once they become second nature, the process of using them is less of a hassle and more of a convenience.

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