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Best Foods to Ship as Gifts


As the fall weather gets cooler and the fall and winter holidays approach, many people are thinking about gifts to ship to friends and family within the country and overseas. One of the most common gifts for winter holidays is food. Food is a lovely gift to give for Christmas, however keep in mind some of the issues with shipping food items to various parts of the world.

Inside the United States

If you are shipping within the U.S., it is likely that any type of food you ship will arrive on time and in good condition. Most companies that ship food items, including fruit baskets are familiar with the common issues of weather and distance within the U.S. They also package food to keep it at the best temperatures for freshness. Some companies will not ship before a certain date because items will melt in warm weather. Note carefully the shipping availability of items that need to stay cold including candy and chocolates.

The best food to ship is food that is non- or semi-perishable. Food that is semi-perishable can last a moderate period of time in room temperature without damage or disintegration. Citrus fruit or chocolates are good examples. Pre-packaged food baskets are a good choice because they are packed to be shipped and contain non-perishable foods. Perishables need to be shipped in refrigerated trucks to maintain freshness. Fruit baskets require this treatment in warm climates, but not in cold climates. Some foods are shipped overnight in dry ice to arrive in fresh condition.

Outside of the United States

If you are shipping from one country to another, you may not be able to ship any food. Many countries have restrictions as to what can be sent. Each country’s laws are different, so you will need to check with the Post Office website or the Embassy of the country you are shipping to. Your vendor may also know what can be shipped to various countries.

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