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Better Customer Service: How Companies Can Handle Air Shipping Delays

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Choosing air delivery methods ensure quick and efficient transport for your customers. But when air shipping delays happen, it can pose a customer service nightmare. Whether these delays are caused by natural events, errors by cargo companies, or an overload of orders, it’s important that you address the issue quickly and keep your customers happy. To do so, follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Make contact quickly.
American cargo tracking is highly accurate, so you likely know when a shipment of packages is not going to arrive on time. As soon as you have this information, contact your customers via email to let them know that there might be a lag in their delivery. Be apologetic and ensure that you will address the problem as soon as possible.

Step 2: Be transparent.
Customers will be less suspicious when you tell them exactly what is causing the delay. Remember that their paid air shipping rates on their package, so they deserve to know where it is and why it isn’t able to get to them at the moment.

Step 3: Give them options
This will help the customer feel more in control. For example, you might consider offering a full refund with an additional coupon or an additional discount once the product actually arrives. Offer a point of contact for them to voice their concerns.

Step 4: Keep communicating.
As you gain information about the situation, let customers know. By keeping them in the loop, they will feel cared for and trust your company more as a result. You may also consider communicating via social media and fielding any customer concerns online.

Step 5: Impress in the end.
Remember that your customers are likely dissatisfied with the failure of their door to door delivery. So, be sure to wow them once their product actually arrives. This could mean including a free gift or sending a generous coupon via email. Your customer is already disappointed, so you need to reach high to win their trust back.

While they are frustrating, air and ocean cargo mishaps are a great opportunity to show off your exemplary customer service. In 2012, the aviation cargo industry shipped an estimated $6.4 trillion worth of cargo, and this should get where it’s meant to go. Your customers paid for their product and the air shipping rates, so it’s important to address their concerns accordingly. Doing so may turn them into returning customers despite these delays.

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