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British Virgin Islands Shipping: Off Limits Goods

British Virgin Islands Shipping

Shipping policies differ state and per country. Governments create these policies to protect citizens and to abide by current laws. Part of these policies is abiding by restrictions on what is and what is not allowed to be shipped into the specific location. Before deciding to ship into the British Virgin Islands, here is a comprehensive list of what goods are not allowed to be sent there. The British Virgin Islands shipping company you choose will also have this list and will ensure your shipment fits the regulations of the British Virgin Islands. 

​Prohibited Goods 
These goods are also known as banned goods. 

  • Controlled drugs detailed in the Prevention of Misuse Act (cap 178)
  • Counterfeit Coins
  • Plants prohibited under the Plant Protection Act, and any other legislation under this Act. 
  • Goods in which the importation or exportation are forbidden or offensive to any other law. 

​Restricted Goods 
These are goods which have more regulations or limitations. 

  • Jet Ski
  • Firearms or ammunitions unless they are accompanied by a validated permit issued by the Police Commissioner.
  • Explosive separate from gun powder or blasting power.
  • Spear Gun
  • Motorcycles exceeding 150cc and their parts.
  • Caravans and houseboats excluding house cruisers
  • All plants restricted under the Plant Protection Act (cap 93), and any other legislation under this act. 

When you decide to ship to and from the British Virgin Islands, remember this list and check in if the goods you are planning to ship fit any of these items. In the situation where you are unsure or cannot recall this list, check in with your shipping company and they will communicate with you. If your British Virgin Islands shipping company does not know, then find a shipping company who not only knows this list but has an entire business model for shipping in the British Virgin Islands. 

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