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Choosing the Best Type of Packaging for Your Shipment

Selecting the proper package for your product

Choosing the best type of packaging for your shipment doesn’t have to be complicated, lightweight posters or prints should either be rolled up and sent inside a cardboard tube, or sent flat in a padded envelope. If the art piece is framed, it may be cheaper to disassemble it for shipping. It is better to remove the glass from a frame for shipping as broken glass can damage the artwork, unless the piece is shipped in a wooden crate.

Glass and Ceramics

Ship item packed carefully in heavy shipping paper or bubble wrap, maintaining a separate space for each item in the box. A best practice is to separate pieces with a cardboard grid inside the box. Tissue paper is not sturdy enough to protect these heavy items.


Ship books in a heavy duty cardboard box with minimal package. Just pad lightly around the inside of the box to protect book covers, and make sure the books are packed tightly to avoid shifting. For expensive books, wrap them individually in shipping paper.


Pack in a refrigerated or insulated box with dry ice to stay cold during the shipment. Wrap in netting to avoid shifting during shipment.


Pack in a small box or pouch to protect the jewelry item, then put in a larger box with tissue paper to fill in the extra space. This type of packaging works for most smaller items.


Place in a cardboard box with space around the entire item. Wrap in bubble wrap or heavy shipping paper with more paper to fill in the empty spaces.

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