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Is Your Company Making These International Shipping Mistakes?

international freight forwarder

Even for the most well seasoned companies, shipping logistics can be tricky. This is especially true as shipping technology continues to evolve on an international scale. And these changes can cause companies to make common international shipping mistakes. But by working with qualified international freight forwarders and double checking logistics, you can avoid these errors and make shipping as streamlined as possible. As a business, be sure to watch out for the following shipping mistakes.

  1. Not Checking Regulations
    Whether shipping Latin American cargo or sending packages to Asia, it’s always important to double check freight regulations. Countries might have restrictions on certain items and shipping practices. To avoid delays due to human error, double check rules before shipping.
  2. Using Excessive Packaging
    Today’s businesses can help the planet and industry my using eco friendly packaging. This can include recycled boxes and bags, and it can also involve minimizing the packaging all together. By making packing products lightweight and thus more environmentally friendly, you can make a positive impact as a company.
  3. Skipping Door To Door Delivery
    Is your shipping as efficient as it could be? Many shipping companies offer point to point transportation for quicker and safer shipping. This can also reduce the instances of damaged goods, resulting in happier customers.
  4. Not Researching Shipping Companies
    Not all international freight forwarders are created equal. For your shipping needs, it pays to work with a reputable company with experience in your industry. If you realize you need to switch, do some research and determine which companies might better fit your needs.
  5. Mislabeling Packages
    Your company may waste time and money due to mislabeled packages, especially if you printed them in mass quantities. Before you ship off a load of packages, always double check that the labels are correct. This way, you can avoid receiving them back with critical errors.

While freight forwarding and shipping logistics can be complicated, it will become easier if you stay organized, work with a high quality company, and always double check your work. By catching your mistakes early, you can learn from them and move forward, improving your company along the way.

For more information on shipping and freight forwarding best practices, contact JML Corporation today. We are happy to work with you on your shipping needs.

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