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Consolidating Bulk Cargo Makes Shipping More Efficient

Bulk Cargo

When most people need to ship something, they pack it up and take it to the post office or some other shipping provider. That works fine if you only are sending things once in a while, but sometimes it all adds up a little too fast. It takes too much time and too much money. When you get to the point in your business where you need bulk shipments, consolidating bulk cargo through JML can help make the process more efficient. It can save you time and money and lead to more satisfied customers.

The Benefits of a Less Than Container Load

When your shipments get to the point where they are considered bulk, but aren’t large enough to take up a whole container, consolidating them with other shipments, a less than container load (LCL) may be the answer for your business. Bulk shipping rates are lower than standard shipping, and filling a full container isn’t always possible. With a Less than container load, (LCL) you can share space on a shipping container with other businesses in order to get your products to your customers, whether they are individuals or other businesses.

At JML we help make this possible, as we work with businesses to find the most efficient shipping solutions available. Our shipping is available for both Less than Container loads (LCL) as well as Full Container Loads (FCL) when you ship items that you want to remain by themselves, and not with other cargo. We also offer reefer containers that allow you to ship refrigerated goods, and can handle heavy roll-on, roll-off cargo, such as automobiles, or even some products that need special considerations due to being potentially hazardous. Regardless of what you choose to put in our containers, we ensure that it is properly loaded and unloaded and that it arrives at its destination just as intended.

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