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COVID-19 and International Cargo: What You Need to Know

COVID-19 and International Cargo

The coronavirus pandemic has taken over nearly all aspects of our lives—from how we school our children to how we run our businesses. This includes manufacturing, distribution, and shipment. Here’s what you need to know right now about the COVID-19 crisis and international cargo.

1. The Situation is Evolving

It might go without saying, but it is important to remember that the entire coronavirus pandemic is a constantly evolving situation. What might be true for shipping across the globe a week ago might be totally different today with a new caveat thrown into place tomorrow. That’s why it is important to constantly stay in-the-know about current guidelines and regulations concerning your shipment origination location, delivery location, and all stops in the middle.

2. Shippers Are Taking Extra Precautions

Those who work in warehouses and as part of the shipment process are just as concerned about the COVID-19 virus as you are. Many are taking additional precautions such as having staff wear gloves, masks, and other personal protective equipment. Others are keeping staff at least six feet apart and wiping down surfaces with special industrial disinfectant. As much as they worry about your safety, they are placing a similar emphasis on that of their employees.

3. Local Jurisdictional Requirements Vary

Just as social distancing requirements vary from one local area to another, so do all associated cargo and shipping requirements. Most carriers are available and working on an essential basis, but some have reduced manpower or created rotating shifts to accommodate stay-at-home orders. What does this mean for you? There could be possible delays associated with these changes. Thus, it is important to be patient and understand deadlines and delivery dates could shift at any given moment.

JML is committed to providing the best international cargo service possible. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns you have regarding your shipment throughout the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

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