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The Difference Between Freight Forwarding and Shipping

When you need to ship products from the United States to other areas around the world, you may think that you have to do it all yourself. However, this is not always the only option or the best option. Rather than traditional shipping, another choice you have available to you is freight forwarding. Understanding what freight forwarding entails and how it differs from traditional shipping methods is very important for any business owner who wants to find the best solution for their company.



Freight forwarding is often more affordable than traditional shipping because it allows companies to take advantage of high-volume discounts even if their volumes do not meet minimums. The parcels, pallets or other shipments from one business are sent to the receiving country along with freight from many other companies.

Another benefit is that the freight forwarding company handles the customs forms, paying tariffs and other aspects of the shipping process. For a busy professional, saving time in this way can be a very big deal.

Freight forwarding may seem like it would slow down the shipping process. However, there are certain parts of the process that are actually faster than traditional shipping methods. This means that the shipping process often winds up being right at the same speed, so there are really no negatives when it comes to utilizing freight forwarding as part of your overall shipping plan.

As you can see, there are certain differences between freight forwarding and regular shipping. Each business has different needs, so it is important that you understand which will work best for you and allow you to accomplish your shipping goals at the best possible price.

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