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Does It Really Matter What Shipping Carrier You Use?

shipping carrier

Choosing the right shipping carrier can make all the difference in the world in terms of price and professionalism. Whether your cargo has to travel 5 miles or across the country, you need a carrier who will offer personalized service at an affordable price. Delivering a package after the deadline or in poor condition is a bad reflection on you as well as the carrier.

Reliable Delivery Times

Choose a carrier that delivers on time, every time. Using carriers like UPS, FED EX, and the United States Postal Service will guarantee delivery within a specific time frame. For larger carriers, you need to look at how other companies rate them. Ask for recommendations from other businesses. This way you have a good idea when it comes to reliability.

Bulk Rate Shipping Fees

Another thing to be careful of is spending too much on shipping fees. Ask your carrier if they offer bulk rate shipping fees. Shipping a large number of items at one time may qualify you for a discount. Some companies may offer you a discount if you palletize your cargo. This saves on handling and allows for the entire cargo to moved in or two loads.

Customized Shipping Options

Customized shipping options can include everything from a temperature controlled environment to being able to haul livestock. The key is to have as many options as possible without incurring a huge hike in the price.

With the right shipping carrier, you won’t have to worry about whether or not your cargo will arrive on time. A trusted carrier will give you piece of mind and let you know where your cargo is every minute that it’s enroute to its destination.

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