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Does the Type of Packing I Use Really Matter?

The type of packing material you use is extremely important, especially if you are packing items that are fragile. Packing materials are used to protect your item and to prevent them from shifting while they are being transported. Not only does this help to keep your package balanced, it prevents damage to your items as the box or other shipping container is jostled around as it is moved from place to place.


The weight of your packing material is important when it comes to the cost of shipping your item. Packing peanuts and air-filled bags are lightweight but can shift during transit, leaving your items vulnerable to damage. Mos packing peanuts are made of either starch or styrofoam and can be purchased at your preferred carrier. Your next option, as well as your most secure, is newsprint or lightweight paper. Although paper is heavier, it is well worth the additional cost when it comes to making sure your items remain undamaged.


Packing peanuts are best used to simply maintain balance between boxes and other packaged items. They offer little protection to glass or other fragile items. When it comes to loose glass items, wrapping them in paper will provide the most protection. Stuff a few pieces of paper between each item to keep them secure and you will be able to protect each piece individually.

Before you pack your items, make sure you have the right packing material. If you have questions, contact your local carrier. They can provide you with all of the packing materials you need to ensure your package arrives safely at its destination. The right packing material can make all the difference.

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