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Ensure That Your Packages Arrive Safely With These Shipping Tips


Whether you’re an individual sending a gift to a family member far away or a business needing to ship your products overseas, ensuring that your parcel arrives safely is probably your number one priority. The key to shipping your package safely starts with a few fundamentals. In this article will show you how to select the proper shipping boxes, correctly label your packages and more. These tips will help you get your package safely where it belongs.

Start With The Right Box

Make sure that you use a new, sturdy shipping box that is fully intact. Choose a box that has adequate strength provide enough protection for the contents within. An easy way to determine how much weight your box can hold is to add the width, length and depth of your box. A container that is less than 75 inches should not hold more than 30 pounds. If you need to ship something that is heavier, choose a heavy duty double bond box. They can usually hold about twice the load.

Provide Enough Cushioning

Don’t skimp with the padding. You should pad each item with a minimum of two inches of cushioning on all sides. Make sure that the item is at least 2 inches from the sides of the box, as well. Fill in the empty spaces with more cushioning. Stuff the padding all the way to the edge of the box.

Don’t Use Flimsy Tape

Although you might be tempted to use whatever tape you have lying around to seal your box, don’t do it. Instead, use a pressure-sensitive tape. A 60-pound grade tape is best. This step will help protect the contents of your box.

Choose A Reputable Shipping Company

Do your research and choose a shipping company that has a good track record and positive reviews. This will help ensure that your box arrives safely. And, if there is a problem, you’ll want a company that you know will provide excellent customer service.

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