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Facts about BVI shipping ports

British Virgin Islands

The Ports of the British Virgin Islands (BVI), which include Port Purcell and the Port of Virgin Gorda, are convenient, centrally-located Caribbean shipping centers where you can send your consolidated container of commercial or consumer goods and save a considerable amount on overseas freight charges. In addition, these ports have modern facilities with a myriad of amenities. What’s more: this British Overseas Territory has a very stable, economically-sound government, so you don’t have to be concerned about any disruption in your business due to work stoppages or political unrest.

Facts about BVI ports

How much do you know about BVI ports? For example, did you know that…

1. Port Purcell, located in Road Town on the south shore of Tortola, has 244 meters of quayfront.

2. In addition to being a commercial port, Road Town is a major hub for yacht charter, especially bare boat charters (self-crewed charters).

3. Adjacent to the commercial port at Road Town is the Road town jetty, which accommodates ferry boats and cruise ship tenders. 

4. The Port of Virgin Gorda, located on the north side of the Island of Virgin Gorda, is equipped to handle container ships and barges as well as small cruise ships and ferry boats.

5. The jetty at the Port of Virgin Gorda offers more than 201 meters of berthing space.

To learn more shipping goods to and from Virgin Gorda and Port Purcell and how you can make JML your Caribbean shipping partner, visit We have offices in the US, Dominican Republic and British Virgin Islands and can ship your goods to more than 120 destinations in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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