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Facts About Heavy Machinery Shipping

Latin American Shipping

Have you ever wondered how vehicles, tractors, construction machinery, or other types of heavy equipment go from one place to the other? Shipping heavy machinery has its tricks and many consider it to be a monumental task. The shipment and transportation of these things do have certain measures and different procedures that must be followed in order to get these types of equipment that help to build our world, reach their destinations day by day. 

Of course one of the most important things for this type of shipment is choosing the right heavy equipment shipment service. Work or hire a company that provides logistics, brokerage services, customs clearance, transportation, and distribution. Transporting heavy machinery is a heavy-duty task that might seem impossible at first, and therefore requires knowledge and experience. Here are some facts to know about heavy machinery shipping. 

  • The machinery can be broken down into smaller parts as much as possible so that the cargo can be maneuvered in and out of the container piece by piece, with a forklift easily. 
  • Most machinery will need to be shipped on a standard trailer or a flatbed. Larger equipment will likely require a specialized trailer such as a Step deck or a Double Drop deck. 
  • Many manufacturers take into consideration shipping costs and prefer the equipment to be shipped in the cheapest way. In this case, the cheapest form of transportation kilogram to kilogram is sea transportation. 
  • It is best for cargo to be stored in containers as they ease delivery with trucks and globally standardized trailers. Heavy machinery is bulky and has different shapes, so proper stowage begins with prioritizing safety over the amount stored per container.

There are certain measures to take in order to make sure heavy equipment shipment goes smoothly and efficiently. At JML Corporation, we are committed to excellent customer service in all our services to help you get the shipment to its location. It does not matter which model or size it is,  DeliverIT can ship it. With offices located both in Miami and the British Virgin Islands, we are able to offer you a wide coverage in the US and to over 120 destinations in Latin America and the Caribbean with daily and weekly departures. To learn more, contact us today.

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