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Five Things You Need to Know About Shipping to Latin America

Shipping outside the United States can be a bit stressful if you do not know the ins and outs of what to do. However, if you research the process and regulations, it does not have to be THAT difficult. While every country, even within the same region, has different rules, these five tips can make shipping to Latin America less stressful and much easier on you and your shipping department.

Airplane over ocean.


  • Remember Local Duties and Taxes – You want to warn your Latin American customers that they may be responsible for paying duties and taxes upon delivery of their package. This can vary greatly depending on where you ship the package and what it contains—it’s important to make sure everyone is prepared.
  • Check for Restrictions – It may surprise you what items can and cannot be sent to what countries. Make sure you are up to date with all restrictions before you ship anything that could be questionable. It can protect you and your customers.
  • Fill Out Forms Completely – Customs forms and other documents are designed to protect everyone involved. Make sure you fill them out completely to avoid delay or return of your package.
  • Consider Insurance – Insurance can be expensive, but if you are shipping something large or pricey, it can prevent a disaster.
  • Cargo is an Option – While your first instinct may be to ship using a carrier like FedEx or UPS, Latin American cargo is often affordable and may be easier on you than a standard carrier—especially if you have a large shipment or will be shipping frequently.
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