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Five Ways a Freight Consolidation Company Can Save You Money

freight consolidation

If you own or manage a company that produces or distributes consumer or B2B goods, you know that getting your products to your customers quickly and efficiently can make or break your business. Using a freight consolidation company can be a big advantage to small and medium-sized companies and help them to compete on a level ground with industry leaders.

Benefits to using a freight consolidation company

1. You can save time and money. When you work with a freight consolidation company like JML, you don’t have to pay for a partial container, you can take advantage of the price advantages to shipping a full container. Equally, you don’t have to wait until you receive enough orders to fill up an entire shipping container. You can get your products to your customers more quickly by working with a freight consolidation company and, thus, enhance your company’s level of customer service.

2. You can use multiple forms of transportation. When you invest in a fleet of trucks, you want to get your money’s worth by using these trucks for all of your distribution needs. When you work with a freight consolidation company, you have the option to use whatever method of transportation makes the most for each project.

3. You’ll reduce your risk. When you place your orders with a consolidation company, you’ll have less risk than if you have your own trucks and personnel on the road.

4. You’ll have better control of the distribution process. With a freight consolidation company like JML, you have more options about when and how your customer orders are shipped.

5. You’ll be more environmentally friendly. Fewer trips (as you’ll have if you use a consolidation company rather than your own trucks) means fewer noxious emissions and damage to the environment. You can even use this fact to help market your company as being environmentally-conscious to consumers.

To learn more about how your company can save time and money, reduce your risk and even be more environmentally conscious with a freight consolidation company, contact JML at (insert contact information.) We’ve been providing distribution and freight solutions for companies like yours since 2003.

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