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Forbidden Goods: What Items Will Purchasing Agents Not Handle?

purchasing agents in usa

The best purchasing agents in USA have established themselves as the premier service to handle your national and international shipping. As in any organization in the United States, purchasing agencies are required to follow certain rules when performing their services and have several responsibilities to ensure that the goods are properly handled.

Purchasing Agent Responsibilities

The air cargo industry makes up approximately 30% of worldwide shipment’s total value. As such a significant portion of the shipping industry, these services involve many moving parts. Purchasing agents in USA can handle the ordering, storage, and shipping of your items. You can purchase your items with your own credit card, or make an account with the purchasing agency, who will the handle the purchasing process for you. The items are delivered to the agency’s location, and, depending on your preference, their warehouse can either store your merchandise or send it out quickly. The primary responsibility of a purchasing agent is to minimize a customer’s stress over purchasing and shipping an item and to make the process a convenient, luxury experience.

Restricted Goods

Purchasing agents in USA have to follow certain shipping protocols and these vary depending on the agents you choose and where exactly you are shipping to and from. Many agencies will be restricted in the exact items they can assist you in purchasing and shipping. Some items pose a danger in the freight forwarding process, such as chemicals, batteries, or aerosol sprays. These materials are highly flammable and when they are surrounded by packing materials made of cardboard and plastic, they create a risky environment. Other materials, such as firearms, ammunition, and cash, pose a threat to the security of those in the area receiving the goods. Any weapons could hurt innocent bystanders — on accident or intentionally — and large shipments of cash could be used to aid illegal activities. Consult the list below and your specific agency to find out which items purchasing agents will not handle.

  • In the Dominican Republic:
    • Paint
    • Hookah
    • Magnets
    • Cash
    • Styrofoam
    • Firearms and bullets
    • Strong chemicals
    • Aerosol spray or capsules containing gas
    • Inverter batteries
    • Vehicle air bags
  • In the British Virgin Islands:
    • Counterfeit coins
    • Jet skis
    • Spear guns
    • Explosives (excluding gun power or blasting power)
    • Firearms or ammunition (unless the Commissioner of Police issued a permit for them)
    • Caravans and houseboats (excluding house cruisers)
    • Motorcycles over 150cc and their parts
    • All plants that have their importation restricted under the Plant Protection Act

The next time you purchase luxury goods from abroad, skip the stress of sorting out the shipping and handling. Instead, turn to a purchasing agent to handle those details and await your merchandise in complete relaxation.

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