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Good Customer Service Matters at Every Stage of Order Fulfillment and Delivery

No matter what type of business you run, it’s fair to say that customers are one of the main driving forces of success. While many think of a customer as a single person purchasing an individual product or paying for a specific service, the role of customer covers a much wider pool and serves different purposes depending on the stage of production, order fulfillment or delivery.

What is Good Customer Service?

Regardless of what role a customer is playing, there are a few constants to remember when striving to provide good customer service. These include

  • Identifying what a customer expects and then meeting or exceeding those expectations on a consistent basis.
  • Maximizing customer convenience
  • Providing products or services at a competitive price
  • Keeping customers informed
  • Realizing that mistakes may happen occasionally, and having a plan in place to make up for those mistakes in the best way possible
  • Taking responsibility and ownership of any mishaps
  • Rewarding customer loyalty

Stages of Order Fulfillment

While an individual customer ordering  product online looks for a single product, the process of fulfilling orders starts on a much larger scale with bulk orders and deliveries that come from all over the world. In the United States, Miami is a popular place for receiving large cargo orders from various countries in order to streamline distribution.

JML Deliverit with offices and warehouses in both the Miami area and the British Virgin Islands provide a variety of services to help ensure that deliveries both large and small get from their production point to their final destination as quickly as possible and without a lot of fanfare.

JML acts as a purchasing agent, for large cargo shipments from around the world. We receive packages in Miami and provide full tracking and monitoring. We consolidate air and sea shipments, and keep in close contact with the supplier, so we know what is happening with a shipment at every stage.  We also provide contract storage services, crates and other custom packaging, the knowledge necessary for smooth customs clearance, cargo insurance, can pick-up goods, and provide easy online shopping. No matter what role we are taking, our customer service is always a top priority.

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