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How a Professional Logistics Company helps Protect Your Valuable Load Cargo

Professional Logistics Company

While efficiency and security are important for every cargo shipment, some shipments are more vulnerable than others. Items such as precious metals and gems, fine art, narcotics or prescription drugs, bank notes, traveler’s checks, or any item whose declared value is greater than $1,000 USD per kilogram are referred to as valuable load cargo, and extra precautions need to be taken to assure that they are delivered to their intended recipient as quickly as possible; a Professional Logistics Company helps Protect Your Valuable Load Cargo.

Assessing Theft Risk and Thief Patterns

One of the best ways to prevent theft of valuable load items is to know a potential thief better than they know you. Thieves” “taste” for particular items, such as drugs or gems or art can vary from place to place. Some areas see more theft than others, as do some products. Some tactics that criminals have used to gain access to these items include impersonating a government official or cargo company that is no longer in operation, taking advantage of longer and unmonitored supply chains, and overriding computer security.

Staying a Step Ahead

Preventing theft of such valuable items is always a challenge, but JML DeliverIT is committed to doing everything possible to limit these occurrences. Here are some ways using our services can help.

We have a fast an efficient system with detailed and secure tracking

For any shipment, we provide tracking information to those who need to access that information. This is accessed through a secure log in which is monitored to detect any unusual activity. Customers are able to follow their shipments, but unauthorized persons are not. In addition to knowing when a shipment will arrive, customers are able to determine where it is at each phase of its journey.

We develop relationships with suppliers and getting to know them

Impersonating suppliers and cargo companies is a common way, thieves sneak off with valuable cargo. While it may be relatively easy to copy the markings on a truck, or assume the name or title of someone who sounds legitimate on paper, it is more difficult to actually become someone you’re not. At JML DeliverIt, we work with people, not just names in our email inbox. That way, if there’s something fishy, we’re more likely to smell it.

We collaborate and cooperate with insurance companies and law enforcement.

Theft of valuable load goods is a big problem, that no one can ignore and no one can be 100% sure that they will not become the victim of sophisticated hijackers. Working with others that have the same goal of keeping these shipments safe, including insurance companies and law enforcement keeps multiple “heads” on top of the problem. By communicating effectively, we further limit the opportunities of criminals and are able to deliver shipments safely on a consistent basis.

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